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Ken Wilber's integral framework offers brilliant/helpful means to distinguish core patterns in the unfolding of the natural values of human being, society, and consciousness, and is an integral part (I couldn't help myself) of the Rational Spirituality perspective. (Other key giants include Ayn Rand, NLP, "Success", Nietzsche, Postmodernism, Osho, and 20+ years of business consulting and life coaching.) 

On this page I have links to several articles about the gifts and challenges of Ken Wilber's work.  Overall comments on these pieces below.

  Integral Politics: Compulsory Compassion - a dialog with Ken Wilber  
  Mind Reality Fallacy:  Non-Duality and The Myth of Infinite Knowledge  
  Ken Wilber's Pre-Trans Fallacy and The Secret: The Nature Of Nature new!
  Transcending Transcendence: Moving Beyond Dis-Identification new!
  An Introduction To the 4 Quadrant Model (vintage)  
  Ken Wilber's Summary Of Spiral Dynamics  
  Ken Wilber, Ayn Rand, Rush, and Ego Development and Transcendence  
  Boomeritis interview  

As a teenager, I had the fortune of having a priest who introduced me to Ken Wilber, as it happens, as I was leaving the church to embrace a simplistic atheism. Over the last 20+ years, Mr. Wilber has had a profound impact on my development and my thinking. Without his guidance and structure, I would never have been as diligent in (started?) my meditation practice, nor been able to get my head around it enough that I could get past my head. 

Mark Michael Lewis

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