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This section contains a selection of personal writing on the one hand and philosophical essays on the other.  I invite you to experience them as two sides of a coin, reflecting corresponding facets of an exploration of the human condition.  The further I travel down one side the more discoveries I have down the other.  I hope that the ideas and perspectives offered here will inspire and challenge you to take on your life and even existence itself with a renewed vigor and excitement.   I encourage you to let them touch you, whether that be a gentle caress to your heart, a shocking challenge to your mind, or a sudden opening into your own soul.

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Reminders contains a number of different pieces I have written to clarify the both the philosophy by which I guide my life and the code of conduct I strive to fulfill. Originally, these pieces were either written to myself as a reminder and distillation of my insights or written to friends so that they could remind me, coach me, and have a standard to gauge me against if I was acting poorly. Over time, people have found them helpful as a stimulus for thought and a model for their own self creation.   Philosophical Challenges contains a series of pieces designed to challenge our integration of mind, heart, and soul around issues of philosophical, emotional, and social importance to our lives. They sometimes get hyper-rational or a good-natured version of provocative. I hope they stimulate both your mind and heart, and inspire both contemplation and practical action.  Even more, I hope they lead to more questions that open up a divine journey into the very depths of what it means to be human
Living A Life By Design (NEW)   Ken Wilber / Pre-Trans / Spiral Dynamics
The Game I Want To Play   Mind-Reality Fallacy - what is beyond the self?
Authoring Your Life   Ken Wilber's Pre-Trans Fallacy and The Secret
Daily Reminders   The Ultimate Argument
Independence Creed   Constitutional Interpretation and Original Intent
Roles and Goals: an example   Moving Beyond Left and Right in Politics
    Self, Emptiness, And Natural Values of Spirit
    Spirituality, Rationality, and Objectivism
    Grounding Aristotle with Ayn Rand
    Life Vs. Objectivism (and rational philosophy)

Mark Michael Lewis

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