Mark Michael Lewis is the author of “RelationDancing” and “Problems Are The Solution” - two guides to creating thriving and fulfilling partnerships, as well as "The Key Is In The Darkness: Unlocking The Door To A Spiritual Life."  He has spoken before thousands of people, consulted with hundreds of businesses, and coached hundreds of individuals and couples on fulfilling relationships, communication skills, financial success, and personal development. Mark has a degree in Psychology and combines insights from over 20 years of helping clients

"I love life!" says Mark.  "Sure it has its ups and downs, its pleasures and pains.  But when it comes down to it, it is a miracle and a gift.  When I try to imagine heaven, I just can't do any better than being human in 21st century United States of America.  The more I study the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that constitute the history of humanity, the more excited I get!  It boggles my mind and humbles my heart to think about it.  I have the political freedom to create almost anything I can envision: ideas, products, relationships, ways of living...(with a little work, of course  :-).  I have inherited the best tools and resources from thousands of years of genius to work with.  I can communicate with people around the globe in print, audio, and video almost instantly.  I have central heating, running water, electric lights, cars, computers, cell phones, and featherbeds.  I have the best knowledge, food, art, and entertainment of the world at my fingertips.  Most importantly, I have access to some of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and caring teachers the world has ever produced.  Not only can I learn to move with artistry and grace through the material and social worlds, I can learn what will truly feed my soul and spirit to move beyond comfort to genuine happiness!  I am blessed beyond anything I could have ever thought to ask for.  It is said that 'our life is God's gift to us.  What we make of it is our gift to God.'  I look forward to creating endless amounts of beauty and fun, and making my life a tribute to the creativity and love of the human spirit!  I hope we get a chance to ride the ride together, cheering each other in our triumphs and consoling each other in our tragedies.  I wish you clarity and courage."  - Mark Michael Lewis

Mark and his wife Melinda currently live and practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he is working on new products, books, seminars, and virtual internet learning experiences that encourage the blossoming of humanity through SEE-Inc. A Beautiful Future Now!. and the Life By Design Institute.

 Mark Michael Lewis

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